While visiting a farmers market in Kauai a member of our group recognized someone they knew from Sedona, Arizona.
This was Amma Sophia Rose who now resides in Kauai.
An incredible quantum Master of Sound who was gracious enough to provide a group session for us on the night of the full moon.
An amazing session it was.
I had a recorder along and she was kind enough to allow me to record.
The turtle below is a link to that audio file and below Sophia's picture is a link to her web site.
I encourage you to visit her sight - and be sure to watch her YouTube videos.


40.9 megabytes

Stereo - MP3


Download Audio PC - Right-click the left image to download the file.
"Save target as..." and select where you want the file.
PC - Left-click the left image to play it in real time*
MAC - Option-Click the left image to download the file
MAC - Click the left image to play it in real time*

*If your computer plays MP3 - most do.


Amma Sophia Rose


© Keith Gilchrist 2011